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I was born in Ghana but raised in America. I moved to upstate NY with my family just in time to start kindergarten. Although my town lacked racial and ethnic diversity, my multinational family gave me a global perspective and interest in international development

I wanted to become a diplomat, but after serving in the Peace Corps I discovered a spark I could not shake.

I decided to start a social impact company at the age of 23 with no business experience.

My social enterprise, Shea Yeleen, provides living wages for women producers of shea butter in West Africa through the creation of high-quality skincare products. After many rejections, disappointments, and perceived failures an idea that sparked during Peace Corps, is now a beauty brand with distribution in Whole Foods Markets and MGM Resorts.

Every mistake I have made has taught me something. I want to teach you the steps I used to help make your entrepreneurial journey a little easier.

I no longer believe in failure, I believe in lessons.

I was just like you. I had an idea but I didn't know how to start.

It's a common problem. The fear of the unknown can stop any idea from launching, but that is why I am here. To guide you and provide the insight you need to successfully launch your idea.

This was the checklist I used to start Shea Yeleen.

The three key areas that will help you create a successful startup

Understanding your target customer. I'll walk you through this critical exercise.

Developing key relationships. The best techniques to effectively network and cultivate powerful relationships.

Successful fundraising starts with understanding your numbers and financial model.

"This has been the best program we have had at the center. Your presentation was fire!" .

– Fatoumata B. Diallo

Andrew Young Center Director

"Your feedback from Tajikistan was glowing!"

– Monica Boulter,

Office of the U.S. Speaker Program
Bureau of International Information Programs

"Rahama, Thank you for agreeing to join us for GES and for speaking at GES+. Your speech was more amazing and energy boosting than we could have imagined!"

– Nejla Grabowski

2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit

"Rahama, Thank you so much for your inspiring and informational presentation and discussion with the participants this afternoon. The excitement and enthusiasm in the room was electric and contagious! ‎I have a feeling that we will be talking about this event for many weeks and months to come with our Center members. "

– Katherine Diop

US Embassy Ivory Coast


Hi! I’m Rahama, a Social Entrepreneur and Women’s Advocate. My entrepreneurial journey spans bootstrapping to landing deals with Whole Foods Markets & MGM Resorts International. My company Shea Yeleen is also a triple bottom line social impact company that is rooted in the financial empowerment of women in Ghanaian villages. Additionally,I merged business and policy with my role on the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa created during the Obama administration

I help entrepreneurs like you navigate a wide range of topics including social entrepreneurship, women in business, fundraising, manufacturing, supply chain development, and retail distribution.

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